Moving forward toward Day 60

Well, after my Day 30 weigh in and photos, I must say that progress has been slow.  I’ve been eating clean and working out but I’m stalling out on the scale.  I haven’t gained any weight, but I haven’t lost any more since Day 30.  I am not sure why, but I am hoping that I will see some results soon.  At any rate I will continue to work the program and eat healthy and hope for the best.  My clothes are fitting much better, my jeans are actually loose on me now, I could possibly even go down to a size 38 in the waist, I’ve been as high as a 42 inch waist in the past.  I added a new workout this week, Mix Tape.  This is a mix of some of DDP’s favorite parts of his other workouts combined together in one workout.  It was about 34 minutes long, but there are no rest periods, so you have to create your own time to go into safety zone or know when to drop to a knee or step in to bring your heart rate back down into the fat burning zone.  I enjoyed the workout and didn’t actually go into safety zone at all.  Now all that remains is the ‘Double Black Diamond’ workout, I saw a glimpse of that in the Mix Tape with the Jumping Frogs…still not sure I’m ready for that one yet.  I’m feeling stronger and leaner, much more flexible and everyone I’ve talked to at has encouraged me and said to not worry about the scale for now.  I think I may avoid it until Day 60, but I’m not sure if I can.  I can check it weekly though instead of daily.

I finished the book Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller this week.  I purposely took my time reading this book, and I actually read several other books during the time I worked my way through this one.  It was an enjoyable read and I’m sure I will continue to think about the message it delivers.  I’m not sure what I will read next for more spiritual growth.  I am currently pursuing a dream to open a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization called “Battle Buddies Service Dogs of Mississippi Inc.”  I want to begin training service dogs for disabled people, especially disabled veterans.  I might also be open to doing obedience training for regular dogs and helping people who are having specific issues with their pet.  My focus will be on the service dogs, but the rest may be a way to generate funds to maintain the kennel and the operation during the training process.  It can take up to 18 months to 2 years to train a service dog for a disabled veteran, depending on what tasks the service dog will be required to do.  Once I get farther along in the process I’ll put the information out there and will be soliciting tax deductible donations for the company.  Hopefully I can also secure some grant money to help me get started and build a kennel. 

So for now I will continue on my path to better health and working on starting this company.   Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to leave comments and also to follow my blog.